Welcome! My name is Chives. I’m a fan, just like you, based out of Northern California. I made this blog to talk about my favorite hobbies and passions: anime, manga, film, music, TV shows, to name a few. I enjoy mostly writing these things as a critical investigation and look at the works, a “food for thought” piece, or even just to share my enthusiasm, but I hope you you’re able to take something away from it.

I regularly attend conventions throughout the United States, a) because I love conventions and get to meet a lot of new people/hang out with my closest friends, but also b) to keep up with the constant evolving scenes in anime, western film media, video game landscape, etc. I consider this extremely important when writing my pieces; to be writing contextually in relation to the culture at the time. I’ll keep a regularly updated post about my convention schedule.

I’ll be trying to maintain one long term project (Currently: Eureka Seven rewatch), but I’ll also be regularly writing about other media I consume: a movie review, my thoughts on a video game, etc.

Some lightning facts about me:

  • Age: 26
  • Degree: Yes. BA in Psychology, with a focus in Linguistics. Almost went for an MA in Japanese Studies
  • Favorite color: Purple/Silver
  • Which Osomatsu brother am I: Karamatsu
  • Drink of choice: Amber ales.
  • Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese
  • Console of Choice: PS4 and PC.
  • Overwatch mains: Lucio, Zarya, McCree
  • Dogs or Cats: Dogs
  • Summer or Winter: Summer
  • Pokemon or Digimon: Digimon
  • Coke or Pepsi: Coke
  • Favorite manga: [Redacted at the moment]
  • Favorite anime: Eureka Seven
  • Favorite anime genre: mecha, drama.
  • Favorite anime studio: Bones (see the trend here?)
  • Favorite film: Arrival
  • Favorite TV show: Lost
  • Favorite video game: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Favorite comic book character: Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers
  • Favorite musician: Beck